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Hello, welcome to another episode of the Made in the MINT podcast my name is Silm & today, I brought you a list of a options of fattening your pocket via freelancing while retaining your 7 – 5 daily Job.

The economy is hard, you’re not well paid, your dad won’t allow you use his car for that Uber side-hustle on weekends – just freelance my guy.

It might be tedious to handle your daily job while still freelancing but common, when has making money never been tedious? Except you want to become a politician?

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Hello guys!

This week’s episode is nothing short of exciting! With Abiola Usman a man of so many accolades, ex-design lead at GoMyWay, founder of, CTO of Ajo Africa, and he is currently working at Flutterwave as a UI/UX designer, Mentor at Tony Elumelu foundation and so many other more titles (such as hackathon maestro ?)

He took us through his career paths – Physiology & Tech (he’s also a writer) Interesting yeah? Cyber cafes, computer engineering, software dealer ? and a whole lot more interesting stuff!

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Hey guys, another Tuesday here and we’ve got an exciting one. Awesome events coming to you soonest, an awesome collection of Made in Nigeria open source projects that are rocking on Github.

Techpoint announced an awesome platform to help us keep up with African startups, industries, schools and trends. And we have another Nigerian trending on Github with his awesome project. Listen now!

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Hello guys, Ace & Silm again with the Made In Nigeria Tech podcast.

Straight out of Saturday when 3 different meet ups held despite the rain that fell & Eyo festival, people still came out & all events had different success stories to tell. Kudos to the organizers of the Angular Nigeria meet up, Product Hunt Lagos meet up & Docker Nigeria!

We moved on to talk about a trio of tools that can easily make your Slack more powerful.

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